BBB warns Four State residents of fake check scams


If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

That’s what the Better Business Bureau is warning Four State residents. Stephanie Garland, regional director for that organization, says this area is being targeted by scammers trying to pass off fake checks as real ones. She says residents receive fake checks, money orders and or cashier’s checks in the mail and are encouraged to cash them.

“Because they think they have these great jobs, they receive a check in the mail for thousands of dollars and they are to buy with that money a computer or printer or something like that. And they go ahead and purchase that and they’re supposed to send some of that money back because it’s an overpayment scam,” says Stephanie Garland, Better Business Bureau Regional Director.

Unlike most scams, Garland says young people are most likely to fall victim, because they don’t have as much experience handling checks as older people.

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