Baxter Springs hoping to replace nearly 70 year old swimming pool


The city of Baxter Springs is hoping to replace its decades-old swimming pool just in time for summer of 2020

After months spent conducting an income survey, it was revealed that at least 51% of the town makes low to moderate income.
Those results qualify the city to apply for a special grant that allows them to renovate their pool that some say hasn’t been updated for nearly 70 years.

City leaders are hopeful the Community Development Block Grant will help restore the beloved city attraction.

Dawn Reeser, Utility Clerk, Baxter Springs, says, “Over, especially the last couple of years, there have been issues just with the structure of the pool itself. We’ve had to do a lot of maintenance with it, the pumps have continuously gone down. The filters, so we’ve sunk a lot of money into it, just to keep it up and running. So it is definitely overdue.”

About 20 communities that qualify throughout the State of Kansas will receive the grant.
Baxter Springs leaders say without the pool, many area children won’t have a place to go over the summer, so being able to restore it instead of removing it completely is their main priority.

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