Baxter Springs downtown to gain park


The Baxter Springs Historical Society will soon be putting a new park in the heart of the downtown area. 

When a person drives into downtown Baxter Springs, open land is one of the first things to greet visitors. 

The property is now owned by the Historical Society, and they want to design the area to honor the history of the city.

The plans include a mural, sitting area, and increased parking to invite visitors and residents to take a moment to recognize the significance of Baxter Springs. 

Jordan Adams, Historical Society President, says, “Our visitors center has a few parking spaces, but we really wanted to give people a reason to stop whether they are traveling on Route 66 or whether they are local people to stop, spend some time, enjoy a green space, learn about the history of Baxter Springs, and really open up the downtown area.”

The goal for this project is $200,000.

To find out how to donate and more information on the new park, go to

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