Barton County sets the stage for more road work


A road project in Barton County is setting the stage for even more work in the future.

Lamar Mayor Kent Harris says the completion of a road running from southwest first lane one mile west to southwest tenth lane should be completed later this year. He says the Missouri Department of Transportation has told the city work to replace the bridge on Highway 160 just west of Lamar won’t begin until the road is completed, allowing traffic to be directed around the bridge. And it could have an even bigger impact on the town’s economy.

“There is a lot of opportunity for industry to come in, and once that road is paved we highly anticipate that that’s going to happen. Often times when we see those things happen they happen in a domino effect, one gets started and another one comes right along side that,” says Kent Harris, Mayor, City of Lamar.

Harris says the cost of the project is being shared with MODOT.

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