Barton County officials begin paving way for new WWII memorial


Monday, Barton County commissioners began the process of tearing down the Barton County Memorial Hospital.

After the building is removed, a World War II memorial park will be constructed on the plot of land. The park will serve as a tribute to the 69 Barton County service members who served in the war and to the community members who had a connection with the old hospital.

Funds for the park are from community donations and county commissioners.

Some pieces from the hospital will be included in the park such as roof cap stones, a corner stone, and flag pole.

“It’s kind of bittersweet, but it needed to come down,” resident Joe Davis explained. “I mean, it was getting in such a bad shape, so it’s really good to see it come down so we can move on to the next step and turning this land into a World War II Memorial, which is what what the hospital was originally for.”

Davis says the hospital is predicted to be gone in six weeks.

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