LAMAR, Mo. — Seniors in Lamar were treated to something a little special Friday.

It was the first time steaks were served for lunch to folks at the Barton County Senior Center.

The meat was donated by the youngsters with the Show Me Youth Ag Academy. They also served lunch to the seniors.

The academy is a 169-acre farm — and actually donates meat to a number of organizations across the county.

“The beef that’s being served today is beef that’s been raised by those students. Because it’s a 501C3, we definitely want the kids to not only learn the real nuts and bolts of beef production, but also because we are a 501C3, we get to learn about charitable giving,” said Show Me Youth Ag Academy Exec. Dir. Tammy Bartholomew.

“It’s a great place, the senior center. I mean, it’s an awesome place. And now after COVID, we didn’t know what was going to happen. We had 12 people showing up for lunch, and now, yesterday, we had 60 in here for dinner. I’m hoping to serve 50 today, and everybody is welcome to come up here to the senior center,” added Barton County Senior Center Director, Stormy Cuba.

The senior center serves 500 meals per month in-house — and more than 1,000 to homebound residents in Lamar, Golden City and Newport.