LAMAR, Mo. — There are now even more additions to the growing Barton County Memorial Park in Lamar.

After 2 years of designing and planning, three of the seven memorial monuments were installed Tuesday morning. Six of those monuments are dedicated to each major war in which the united states fought. The 7th monument is dedicated to the park’s history with the Barton County Memorial Hospital.

Joe Davis, President of the Memorial Park Board, says this is another way to remember and honor the sacrifices made by all the Barton County service men and women from the past and present.

“The back of the monuments have the men that died in each of those wars. The Civil War, we don’t because we can’t find the records for those. World War I, World War II, Vietnam and Korea, the men’s names that died from Barton County are on the back. So, you know, that’s the local connection that we have with that,” said Davis.

There are more installments of monuments, veteran pavers, and military flags to come.

On September 17th a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony for the park will be held.