LAMAR, Mo. — As temperatures continue to climb, so do prices, and it’s having an impact on people’s ability to stay cool in their cars.

Local auto repair shops are trying to offset the surge many are seeing.

“People are really starting to think twice before they keep pumping cans into their air conditioning system,” said Zac Baldwin, Baldwin Auto Repair Owner.

Prices continue to soar across the country. This includes freon, the supercharged gas many people use to keep the A/C in their cars running.

“Mainly the 134-A, that’s what’s most common with pretty much every vehicle built within the past 25 years. We’ve seen the price almost triple over the last year,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin says this increase can be traced back to supply and demand. The freon many are used to is not produced as much anymore in favor of a new type.

“They’ve come up with a new style of Freon a couple of years ago and they’re really trying to phase out the 134 and switch to the newer stuff. A bit more environmentally friendly. Supposed to be a little bit colder. It’s easier to compress and it takes a smaller amount to charge a system,” said Baldwin.

And with the recent string of high temperatures, places like Baldwin Auto Repair are trying to make sure they offset the impact these prices have on customers.

“Us and most shops around here are just absorbing their extra cost right now just to try and keep people cool as hot as it is. As long as it’s blowing cold, as cold as you’ve always known it, there’s really not a lot to be concerned with but if it’s not quite as cold as it should be, the best thing to do is get it into a shop to get it looked at. In this type of weather, shops are probably going to be willing to work with you or at least point you in the right direction,” said Baldwin.