BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — Between the extreme heat and high prices, local crops are having a hard time surviving.

Barton County experienced heavy rains and floods in the spring which forced farmers to plant some of their crops later than normal.

They also saw the costs of fuel, seed, and fertilizer double.

Fast-forward to now and they aren’t sure those crops will make it, despite their hard work and investments.

Officials say they haven’t seen something like this since 2008.

“Farmers that are, you know, in their 70s and 80s, and they’ve never faced this type of situation before, they do have crop insurance that hopefully, they’ll be able to pay for their inputs, but you know, their overall income is not going to be there, and it is going to put a real financial burden on them,” said Ward Thomas, Location Manager, Lamar MFA Agri Services.

The effects of the heat and high prices are also being felt in many other parts of the country.