BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — It was breakfast with a purpose Thursday morning in Lamar.

The Barton County Community Foundation hosted a breakfast to discuss the betterment of the community.

“The goal this morning is just to try to educate more people in the community about our goals which are to help organizations in the county, but also help those people who might have a desire to help others and assist them with some places they can invest their funds and set up their own. So really, two-fold, but mostly educational,” said Martin Bunton, President, Barton County Community Foundation.

The event included progress reports, future grants, and goals.

Those in attendance represented a number of local nonprofit organizations.

“We really want to be a county-wide organization that benefits many non-profit organizations and those that are trying to help others. So, it was a goal in 2015 when some forward-thinking people started this organization and it’s really been good to see it come to fruition and continue to grow,” said Bunton.

The breakfast also featured guest speakers including Alice Wingo from the Community Foundation of the Ozarks in Springfield.

“I think they have a new sense of synergy within their community. They talked a lot about some of the, at this meeting, they talked about some of the monies that have been passed through their foundation from outside funders because of their partnership with the Community Foundation. But, they are also generating income within their own or resources within their own communities that give back to the communities,” said Alice Wingo, Vice President of Affiliates, Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

The Barton County Community Foundation says it encourages those who are interested in its work to get involved.

“Small communities need people to help and keep them going and we’re blessed to have many people like that in Barton County,” said Bunton.