LAMAR, Mo. — A project in Barton County two years in the making, is finally complete. Work on the Barton County Veterans Memorial Park in Lamar is now done. All seven monuments have been put down, as well as, six flag poles, and a “V” in the middle.

Much of that work was completed in just the last couple of months. There still is a small amount of work to be done with the Walk of Honor and Cornerstone Plaza. But, organizers say the response from the community has been wonderful.

“The shock of the hospital being gone is finally over for some of these people that had so much connection to the old hospital. I mean, they were basically mad to see it go. And, you know, it turned from mad to sad but when they saw what we were doing here they appreciated that something is going in here like a park instead of houses. So, they responded really well,” said Joe Davis, Barton Co. Memorial Park.

There is a dedication ceremony scheduled to take place on September 17th at 11 in the morning.