Barton County family serves those in need


BARTON COUNTY, Mo. — A Barton County family prepares food in a kitchen in their backyard and serves it to those in need.

In the beginning, the Miller family prepared and delivered hot meals 3 days a week in their own kitchen.

About a year and a half later, they’ve expanded their cooking into a new facility.

Kathy Miller, The 15% Organization, said, “I can’t know they’re children that are hungry and not feed them. I just can’t do it and neither can my husband.”

Kathy and her husband Keith Serve free home-cooked meals to those who can not feed themselves — just because they want to.

It’s called the 15% Organization.

“What started with 3 little kids has turned into about usually 127, 3 times a week.”

Liberal’s population is estimated to be around 720.

“We feed about 40 senior citizens 3 times a week, about 40 kids and about 40 of their parents.”

The Millers work full-time jobs and pay for the food themselves.

Keith Miller, Kathy’s Husband, said, “When you are doing it for a cause like this its gratifying so its not like work either.”

Almost 3 months ago, the Millers were in need of a new kitchen because the number of people who needed food was growing.

“To see the kids run to the car to get food. Parents too come out with tears in their eyes,” said Kathy.

“A couple of the boys always when they come out they hug you almost feel like they are going to squeeze you to pieces,” said Keith.

“To hear senior citizens say you’re the bright point of my day,” said Keith.

Earl Rogers, Liberal Resident, said, “It’s a nice thing to help out on someone because some of them don’t get around too good.”

Now that the kitchen is here, they don’t have to worry about if they are equipped to fulfill the task.

They wonder if feeding people 3 times a week is enough.

“One night making deliveries one of the people said you know its a long time between Thursday night and Monday night,” said Keith.

“I want to know that their little bellies are full so I don’t want to just feed them I want to fill them. So, that’s the next step,” said Keith.

To donate, you may contact Kathy Miller through the link below.

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