Barone Care Center rents Broda chairs to help patients participate in activities


An Alzheimer’s facility in Nevada is looking to purchase Broda chairs, which would help patients eat and participate in activities a little easier.

The Barone Care Center is renting four Broda chairs for patients who were previously restrained. But many of these patients were once confined to wheelchairs with seat belts, that is until Melissa Cornell stepped in as the Director of Nursing.

“We’ve had several residents that have been in wheelchairs that aren’t good for them,” says Angela Clark, CNA CMT.

The Barone Alzheimer’s Care Center has had restrained patients over the years. These patients were confined to wheelchairs with seat belts. When Melissa Cornell was hired on in 2017, she knew that changes had to be made for the safety and comfortability of the patients.

“When I came here I was the Director of Nursing. We had four patients that were considered to be restrained and that’s very difficult for me as a nurse to consider that we were restricting someone in that manner,” says Melissa Cornell, licensed nursing home administrator.

Residents at Barone have dementia or Alzheimers, so many of them couldn’t remove the restraints on their own. That’s when Cornell decided to lease four Broda chairs, that help residents feel comfortable doing daily activities.

“When we got the Broda chairs, they actually help position them up better and has helped them eat better and do more cores better,” says Angela Clark.

“Our clients are able to get closer to the table, they’re actually able to have better positioning and be able to observe in an easier manner to be participating in activities,” says Melissa Cornell.

Broda chairs help reduce pressure, increase better posture and endurance, while improving functions of the respiratory system. And Cornell says she and her staff will do anything they can to make the patients at Barone comfortable and happy.

“To make my patient’s lives that much happier and their quality of living better, that’s what we do here,” says Melissa Cornell.

Now the Barone Alzheimer’s Care Center rents each chair for five dollars, per chair per day. And these costs add up quickly. Currently, Melissa Cornell is working with the Nevada Regional Medical Center Foundation to get help with purchasing these chairs at three thousand dollars a piece. And she says the foundation staff are very excited and willing to help.

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