NEVADA, Mo. — A senior care facility in Nevada could soon be forced to shut its doors. But staff and family members of residents aren’t going down without a fight.

Barone Alzheimer’s Care Center in Nevada has become a staple in the community. When they heard it might be closing, close to 100 family members and friends of residents came out to the Nevada Community Center Tuesday evening to plead for its continued operation.

The Long-Term Care Board of Directors cited maintenance issues with the center, such as corrosion of pipes, rusting of steel beams and the need for a new roof. More-Few Care Center in Nevada — which is part of the same Nevada Regional Medical Network as Barone — has offered to take on the residents and potentially some of the Barone staff, but Margaret Charbonneau and several others at the meeting have concerns.

“They were safe in that facility. Other facilities in this area are not geared for dementia patients,” said Charbonneau, widow of a former Barone resident.

Community members also spoke about the relationships that have been built between staff and patients at Barone, as well as expressing their concerns about how residents would react to a new environment. The ultimate decision was reached to hire an engineer to assess the structural needs of the facility.

While members of the board are concerned that this may just be delaying the inevitable, the overwhelming turnout from the community Tuesday led them to make one more effort.

“There’s business and there’s people. And this is a people issue. I know they’ve got to take care of the facility. I know they’ve got to fix up things if it’s not safe, but I want to make sure they look at all sides of this before they make a decision,” said Charbonneau.