Barco Drive-In hits 70 years in operation


LAMAR, Mo. —

A landmark drive-in is hitting a big anniversary this summer, 70 years in operation.

There are giveaways and special admission rates and plenty of reminiscing. And for movie fans, there are plenty of titles to throw around from their first showing at the outdoor theater.

The Barco Drive-In first opened its doors in 1950, a growing trend for that time frame. 2020 marks its 70th season. There have been some big changes for the Lamar drive-in, especially trading in 35 mm film for digital projection. But some things are essentially the same, like much of the snack bar.

“There was over, close to 5,000 drive ins at one time in the 50s. And the last I heard there was like 330 something operating now.”

Scott Kelley, Barco Drive-In

Movie fans can celebrate with a special price for admission this weekend. $20 per carload for the double feature, A Dog’s Journey and The Secret Life of Pets 2.

There are even 70th season t-shirts to share the milestone outside the drive-in. They’ve also are bringing back the classic Barco Burger Sloppy Joe’s, a crowd favorite from the past.

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