Bad case of bed bugs closes Oklahoma courthouse


A creepy and crawly situation is resolved in Oklahoma. The Rogers County Courthouse was shut down after an attorney brought bed bugs into the building. Exterminators worked for hours treating the affected areas of the 90,000 square foot building.

It will make your skin crawl. People inside the courtroom say they saw bed bugs crawling on an attorney’s neck and falling off his clothes. 

“That is so gross. I couldn’t handle it, I would have walked out. I’m starting to, Ithink it’s just a mind thing,” said Jordan Brown, visiting courthouse.

Even knowing an exterminator had treated the building hours before, people were still itching, trying not to touch anything inside. They know getting rid of bed bugs can be an expensive ordeal. 

“I had to immediately find a baby-sitter for my son because I did not want to bring him in here,” said Brown.

County Commissioner Steve Hendrix says there was never an infestation inside the courthouse. They treated the building to put people’s minds at ease, but the exterminator still came with a hefty price tag. He says the initial estimate was $6,600.

“I would hold him responsible for that. If that many is coming off of you, that’s you,” said Micha Patton, visiting courthouse.

Commissioner Hendrix says they aren’t sure who will end up paying the tab, but they plan to talk to their legal team to see if the attorney can be held responsible for the exterminator. 

“Of course he should be responsible for the bill. Better not be taking our money and spending it on this,” said Brown. 

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