Backyard mystery UPDATE: Moore woman searching for answers when hole appears in yard


MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – A Moore homeowner went into her backyard on Wednesday and found a large hole, and she said she can’t seem to figure out where it came from, or why it’s there.

“I thought maybe it was an animal, And I was like, ‘No. This is too well-dug for an animal to do this,’” said homeowner Debra Turner.

It all started with a hole and a pile of dirt on the side of the house, with no clue where it came from.

Snapshot of the hole from KFOR

“It’s concerning because somebody violated my backyard. I’m like, ‘Who is this?’ Nobody called. No note. No markings. No nothing,” Turner said.

Wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery, Turner picked up the phone.

“I called all the utility companies. I called ONG. They knew nothing. No recorders. No nothing. I called the city. They knew nothing. I called OG&E. I called everybody I could think of,” Turner said.

We also checked in on this. We called the City of Moore, Cox Communications, AT&T, ONG and OG&E. None of them reported having work orders for Turner’s address.

And then on Friday, the work became even more puzzling.

“I came through the backdoor and had all of this down through,” Turner said.

The piping appeared to run underground from Turner’s house all the way across the street and coming out of her neighbors’ yard. Also, part of her front yard was dug up.

But as for who’s doing the project, and why, the backyard mystery continues.

“I just want to know who it is. I want to make sure they’re legit. We see it all the time, people posing as contractors or whomever. Who are these people? I just want to make sure this is legitimately happening and not someone trying to steal my gas meter or something,” Turner said.

Turner says she even locked her gates before the most recent work was done, hoping to speak with whoever was doing the work. But they still managed to gain access to her yard.

UPDATE: The mystery is solved. Turns out this is connected to an ongoing project by Oklahoma Natural Gas.

The company sent this statement:

Oklahoma Natural Gas is replacing the pipelines in the Moore neighborhood as part of our continuing efforts to enhance the system for our customers.  We initially notified customers  in October that the work would begin in the next few months. When the customer recently called us we provided wrong information. We have now corrected this in our system. We barricaded the hole in her yard as we continue to finish this project.  We are also working with our contractors to ensure customers are aware and informed when work is being done on their property. We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

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