Backroads 4H Club and Elks Lodge deliver Christmas baskets to local veterans


For most kids, Christmas is a magical time of celebrations, presents and a break from school. But dozens of kids in Vernon County will be learning a very important lesson over the next few weeks.

It may be Christmas, but Lori Chadd says that doesn’t mean it isn’t also a good opportunity to teach.

“I think it’s very important we teach our kids how important our veterans are,” says Lori Chadd, Backroads 4H Club.

And over the next few weeks, the 30 kids in the Backroads 4H Club will get a chance to learn that lesson. They’ll be working with volunteers from the Nevada Elks Lodge, delivering Christmas baskets to Vernon County veterans.

“Some of the people that we will be delivering to had to do it because they were told to, so I think it’s very important we teach our kids to say thank you,” says Lori Chadd.

This is the first year the Backroads 4H Club will work with the Nevada Elks to deliver the baskets. And while there’s still quite a bit of work ahead of them, Ranae Luther has a prediction.

“I think the kids will have a fun experience filling the baskets, and then seeing the smiles on the veterans’ faces when we take the baskets and deliver them to them,” says Ranae Luther, Backroads 4H Club.

And, this will be the first year the Nevada Elks have focused on veterans for Christmas. In the past they’ve almost exclusively helped families in need. But this year, they decided to add those that have served our community, whether it’s in the military or….

“Foster families have kind of reached out, and so we’re hoping to kind of expand a little bit,” says Ryan Renwick, Nevada Elks Lodge.

Renwick says the baskets are designed to provide enough food to last for nearly a week. And this year, they’ll deliver about 175 of them. But Renwick says even though they’re volunteers, the smiles they’ll get when they deliver the baskets is worth more than any paycheck.

“It just makes it 100% worth it, and all the work that this Lodge and all of the community that helps us, it just makes it worth it,” says Ryan Renwick.

Lori says the motto of 4H is “making the best better,” and that her kids will continue to live up to that standard, whether it’s at Christmas with the Elks, or any other time of year.

“They really like giving back, they really like the feeling, I think, that they get from giving back,” says Lori Chadd.

The Nevada Elks and the kids from the Backroads 4H Club will deliver the baskets on Saturday, December 22nd.

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