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FOUR STATE AREA — Last week, Local News Today enjoyed some of the best fish tacos in the Four States when Flounders paid a visit for Food Truck Friday. Monday we go Back For Seconds to learn about the series of events that led to the food truck’s owners new – and successful venture.

Brian Bowman, Co-Owner, Flounder’s Fish & Chips, said, “Everything about this truck just feels like it should have happened.”

Sometimes it’s takes an unfortunate event, to guide you into that next chapter of your life.

Brian Bowman, Co-Owner, Flounder’s Fish & Chips: “A few years ago, I had kidney failure and I’d done construction work all my life and I told her, I said, we got to do something when I get a new kidney, that’s not as hard.”

Brian Bowman is no stranger to hard work, but his battle with kidney failure pushed him to construct a new career and a new reality for him, his wife kim, and their family.

‘And I’d throw ideas at her and say this is what we want to do how about this, no, no, I said food truck, she’s like no. So my little brain said she hesitated, so I can get her.”

Although hesitant, they had endured a lot, so she was up for the challenge.

Kim Bowman, Co-Owner, Flounder’s Fish & Chips, said, “It’s humbling, I’m still shocked at the response we’re getting. To me it doesn’t feel like it’s been a lot of work coming up with the recipes…”

“Because I’ve done it all,” said Brian.

And now 16 months in, Flounder’s Fish & Chips is thriving.

“16 months, so not real long. It’s been a worldwhind, a roller coaster, just amazing,” said Kim

From fresh shrimp tacos, to their fried fish sandwich, and beer battered fries that can’t be beat. There’s one menu item that always keeps people come back for seconds.

“It’s amazing like the kraut balls, if we run out somewhere, the next time we’re there, they’ll be waiting when we get there and say I want to large orders,” said Brian.

“It’s really funny to watch people’s reaction when they first try one, we’ve heard all kinds of crazy responses so we decided to put the top 10 on the back of our shirts,” said Kim.

And although it’s still new–the pair says–seeing how much has changed over the last few months makes them grateful.

“Everybody’s support, the power of God, to get me back on my feet where I’m at. I mean it’s amazing what they can do in the medical field. But it’s also amazing what God can do in your life and how he can guide you,” said Brian.

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