Author talks diversity in entrepreneurship at Pitt State start-up workshop


Pittsburg State University welcomes a Pulitzer-nominated author on campus teaching future business owners about inclusion.

PITTSBURG, Kan.–Clifton Taulbert was the keynote speaker at Pitt State on Monday–he offered his perspective on integrating diversity and inclusion into entrepreneurship. It was all for the Three-Day Start Up Workshop hosted by Pitt State and Block22.

“In fact, imagination and inquisitiveness are attributes that multiple young people have. And the key thing is: don’t let it drop,” explained Taulbert in his keynote presentation.

A unique workshop hosted by Block22 and Pittsburg State encourages students to make their dreams a reality. The Three-Day Start Up Workshop catered to students looking to start their own business, product or service. It encouraged them to keep going even when things don’t go as planned.

“I think it was important for them to hear that the first idea is not necessarily going to be the idea that makes it all the way down the line, but that’s okay,” explained Linden Dalecki with Pitt State Marketing.

This year’s keynote speaker is Pulitzer-nominated author, Clifton Taulbert. Taulbert offers a unique perspective to the young entrepreneurs, coming from a poor community in the Mississippi Delta, he was able to make something out of nothing.

“And being able to understand that I wanted something different, but I didn’t quite understand how to define that difference,” Taulbert added. “I just wanted it to be successful. But whatever your circumstances are, they’re there. And they can either propel you into your future or they can hold you in your past.”

His past motivated him to do work in finance, publish fifteen books and speak in front of the United Nations. Taulbert discussed how diversity and inclusion work in the business world, and how he hopes the younger generation understands that if they wish to succeed.

“And our ability to recognize diversity as our reality, we have no choice on that. That’s our reality, but inclusion is where we have a choice. And when we make the choice to be inclusive in our way of living that literally changes everything,” said Taulbert.

Taulbert’s big take away from today’s event–you don’t have to be defined by where you come from.

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