A Goodwill ambassador is working to help people in the community.

Jean Kelley, author of “Dress Like a Million,” visited Goodwill in Joplin to promote how women can dress affordably. She recently wrote the book in efforts to encourage people to support the non profit organization.

“Goodwill helps people with barriers to employment and disabled people. Goodwill provides wonderful training for people and employs many many people. So it’s great for the economy,” says Jean Kelley.

Penny Amiet, a local resident, says she has enjoyed shopping at Goodwill for years.

“I like to have the name brands I like to have J.Jill I like to have Cara Little,” says Jean Kelley, “all the prices are in here their displayed just like a department store and it’s nice it’s in a friendly environment for a third of the cost.”

Amiet adds it is special for her being able to contribute her money to a good cause. Kelly has served in Tulsa on the Goodwill board of directors for many years. 

“I’ve been on boards more than I have fingers and I’ve never been able to make a special contribution,” says Kelley.

She is hoping “Dress Like a Million” helps women with low-income build their wardrobe investing only $100 a year.

“Once they get their basics like black top, black pants, white shirt, dark jeans then they can start mixing and matching and have a beautiful wardrobe, “says Kelley.

Kelley assisted those in need at the store helping them pick affordable attire they believe best represents themselves. She will be traveling throughout the local area promoting her message of helping women dress affordably while supporting a good cause.