Aurora celebrates history with new mural


AURORA, Mo. — The city of Aurora is putting together a mural that celebrates 150 years and tells the rich history within the city.

In honor of it turning 150 last year and with the help of several grants and fundraising projects. The city of Aurora is putting together a mural on the North wall of the Children’s Smile Center that tells its story.

Raine Clotfelter – America’s Muralist, said, “Each one of these pieces that we’re painting on this mural is a rich part of Aurora’s history, and it’s just nice to have some of the students here of the school, they’re art students working on this mural.”

When finished the mural will bring attention to the railroad, the mines, shoe factory, the mill, agriculture, the houn’ dog school mascot, and military service.

Makenna Vesett – Junior, said, “It really shows how Aurora came together, because it’s all these different parts that came together. All roads lead home which is how this train kind of represents that.”

While students are a big part of putting together the mural. The help doesn’t stop at the hands of high schoolers.

Kim McCully-Mobley – Aurora High School Teacher, said, “We like the history, we like the art and we like the fact that it’s intergenerational. You know we’ve had mothers, grandmothers, students, friends, community members, preachers, doctors, lawyers, we’ve had everybody down here kinda trying to put there hand in this and be a part of it.”

And with how big the project is for the city, there’s some added pressure.

“It’s kinda stressful, but it does mean a lot to me because I am part of this community and I like to have something, I like to be able to have a part in it,” said Vesett.

While there’s still a lot of work to be done with the help of the community the mural is expected to be complete next week.

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