Asking for a Drone


Joplin public works is asking for an eye in the sky as a part of next year’s budget.

The request is for $3,000 to purchase a drone that public works officials say could be used in a variety of ways. They tell us a drone would be useful in taking a look at areas where projects are being planned before, during and after work is completed. Along with that, the drone could be used in the event of a natural disaster to determine the hardest hit areas, and how to deploy relief efforts.

“In an emergency condition, if something was too wet, or a flooding condition, then we could fly over there and look at that inlet, or whatever condition that we’re needing to look at in an area that we couldn’t get to by land,” says Joplin Public Works Director David Hertzberg.

Hertzberg is not expecting to move forward with the request until sometime later this year.

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