Ascension Via Christi employees to help areas with higher covid-19 numbers


FOUR STATE AREA — Covid-19 numbers continue to decline in the Four States.

However, other parts of the country aren’t as lucky. The state of Michigan has seen a surge in cases.

It all started at the end of February – and it’s causing a greater need for hospital staff in the state. And that’s where Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg comes in. The hospital is sending some of its staff North to help its sister hospital in the fight against the coronavirus.

Tawny Sandifer, Ascension via Christi VP of Operations and Nursing, said, “They are going to do what they love, and that is serving and caring for patients.”

Covid-19 cases throughout the state of Kansas have continued to decrease, freeing up resources for medical workers. However, this isn’t the case for places like Michigan.

“They have had a recent surge and they are needing associates to help the teammates there.”

So places like Ascension Via Christi in Pittsburg are going to help.

“We have had several of our associates graciously and selflessly volunteer to go serve in Michigan during their COVID pandemic right now.”

Having been on the frontlines during the pandemic, Registered Nurse Tylor Reeves is ready to help the medical staff who are struggling.

Tylor Reeves, Ascension Via Christi RN, said, “I try to put myself in their shoes, I know we were very overwhelmed and understaffed for a little bit, it would have been nice if we had the extra staff and have people that would come here to help us as well.”

While only approved to stay for two weeks, Reeves understands his service may be needed longer than that.

“They’re in a surge, it’s probably going to get worse for a couple weeks. So I was approved for two weeks and I’m sure if the needs still there, there’s always a chance to get extended if they need it, I’m willing to stay.”

Not only helping hospital staff fight against the coronavirus, but also the patients fighting against it as well.

“Seeing them alone without their family members, scared, in a new place, but just knowing you can make a difference and you can be that person for them in their time of need, there’s just no other feeling like it.”

The first wave of six associates from our area are scheduled to depart for Michigan on Sunday. While they’re gone, this won’t prevent Ascension Via Christi from offering covid-19 care.

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