Area woman finds healing in crossfit


SOUTHEAST KANSAS — A crossfit athlete has an incredible story of perseverance to tell.

Heather Godfrey — who’s defying the odds, finding healing in her work outs.

Focus, determination, and drive.

For Southeast Kansas native Heather Godfrey, it’s another day at the gym a day she’s thankful she still has.

Heather Godfrey, Crossfit Athlete, “As I was going into work, ended up flipping a truck 3 and half times at 65 on concrete.”

Seven years ago, she was on her way to help restore powerlines damaged by hurricane Sandy, but never made it there.

“6 herniated discs in the middle of my back with scoliosis. My right shoulder blade was dislocated, and from the base of my skull to my lower ribs, all the muscles, ligaments, and tendons were completely torn and stretched.”

The wreck also hurt her jaw — but, a complication with worker’s comp meant it went untreated, forcing it to lock up on her.

In fact, she didn’t even find out the extent of her injuries until much later.

“The beginning of this year I ended up finding out that I had a traumatic brain injury and a permanent post concussion.”

Doctors say, all related to that terrible accident in 2012.

“My head hurt all the time and I would forget things quite often.”

Morgan Strait, friend of Godfrey said, “She told me about her wreck and I felt like, some people that would hinder, but it seemed to make her work harder.”

Healing came in an unexpected place.

“A friend of mine actually introduced me to Crossfit, and I’m just, like, thinking, ‘I can’t even function on my own. How the heck am I even going to do Crossfit?” said Godfrey.

So she made a phone call to a crossfit coach in Parsons, Kansas seeking advice.

“Asked him, is this even a possibility? This is my last straw and I’m just praying that this will even help. And he said that his wife had actually been in a car wreck and had some similar injuries and it ended up helping her.”

Heather dove in.

She loved the challenge and intensity of the workouts, despite her pain.

“It’s very therapeutic, and even if you’ve had a great day a work, it’s nice to come in and you kinda just don’t think about anything.”

“Just in the time that I’ve known her, but probably before, even just her growing as a person and what she’s accomplished probably let’s her know that she can probably accomplish even more. That whatever she sets her mind to, she can do,” said Strait.

Heather has competed in several crossfit competitions.

Now, she hopes to someday open a gym of her own.

“I look back at where I started to where I’ve come and I know that if I can go from that to this, that there’s just so much greater in store,” said Godfrey

“To see somebody overcome stuff, but yet, she’s also following her passion and dreams, which a lot of people don’t do either thing so you see that one person. It’s pretty awesome,” said Strait.

“I knew I couldn’t give up and I won’t give up,” said Godfrey.

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