Area third graders get taste of art in Spiva tours


JOPLIN, Mo. — Adults aren’t the only ones enjoying an unusual new display at a local art gallery.

Young people are too

If you visit the Spiva Center for the Arts over the next few weeks to see the award winning work of Patty Carroll, you won’t be alone.

Hundreds of third grade students from all over Southwest Missouri might be there too, taking in the two and in some cases three-dimensional display.

Caden Dahr, Carl Junction 3rd Grade, said, “I think my favorite part was when we just got to see the artwork, it was pretty cool.”

It’s an annual tradition that goes back many years at Spiva and for many of the kids it will be their first time in an art gallery.

And this display is bound to be a memorable one.

Shaun Conroy, Exhibits Director, Spiva Center For the Arts, said, “We go through a few art terms and discuss color and basically try and give them some id ideas, and look at art and they just uh try and figure out what’s going on in the photographs also do a scavenger hunt just to interact with the art.”

Susan Adams, Interim Executive Director, said, “There are so many different objects in each photograph that they can hunt for, the kids are really engaged and they’re having a lot of fun without even knowing it, they’re learning how to look at art and learning common artistic terms in addition to having a great time.”

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