Area teacher writes book, inspiring young children to make a difference in the world


The subject of D-Day, and the boats that made the operation possible, is one that students often don’t learn about in history class until middle or even high school. But an area teacher is trying to change that.

Fort Scott First Grade Teacher Cathy Werling has written a book about the subject called, “What if Higgins Had Given Up?”. She signed copies of her book for visitors to the Milken Center in Fort Scott Thursday. She hopes it will inspire young children to make a difference in the world when they grow up.

“Kids know that bad things happen in the world and the whole purpose of these books is to let them know there needs to be people that are the ones that do the good and the right that will really make a difference because we can’t combat it unless we’re all working together to do that,” says Cathy Werling, children’s book author.

This is Werling’s third book on unsung heroes, all of which are on sale at the Milken Center. For more information on them, click here.

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