Area students compete in NASA cooking contest


MCDOANLD COUNTY, Mo. — It was a big day in what’s been a big year for culinary students at McDonald County High School.

The program was recently chosen as one of 26 schools, nationwide, to compete for NASA. Friday, four students spent time prepping their creation. Specifically, poutine – which is basically a Canadian version of cheese fries.

NASA – and the competition’s judges – will eventually determine whether the dish makes it to the next round. And the big payoff is this. Adding the dish to the menu for astronauts on the International Space Station.

Marie Strader Culinary Arts Teacher: “I just feel very blessed that we have opportunity’s like this for our students in this rural community that we live in that they are- that they are given this opportunities to participate in stuff like this.”

Only 10 of the 26 schools will be selected for the next round.

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