Area school suffers significant water damage


MONETT, Mo. — A local elementary school, hit hard by the recent Winter storm, hasn’t stopped teaching its students.

The damage was done at Monett Elementary. Unfortunately when the ice and snow hit pipes above the staff office was underwater, the fire suppression company sprung into action and was able to stop it. Now teachers and staff are having to work around the damage.

Anne Bryan School Librarian, said, “It’s just really surprising that it happened. I’ve never really considered pipes bursting in the ceiling before.”

The Monett Elementary School was hit with the ice and snow storm resulting in their pipes bursting.

“And it’s really kinda sad that it happened because of beautiful school is all kinda torn up for now some of the water did get into the library but luckily it didn’t affect any of the books. It just got some of the flooring like in here so I feel like we were really blessed number one that an alarm went off and more damage wasn’t done. And I feel also really blessed that none of speaking as a librarian none of the books were damaged or anything.”

Though the library could be saved, they can’t say the same for the principal, counselor, and nurse space.

Steve Garner, Director of Operations, said, “It was significant damage when you start talking about the type of space you had five offices and then the front desk were parents are so there’s significant damage.”

The incident has cost the school $100,000 in repairs.

“Currently we are dealing with the insurance company to repair the damage, it’s going to be a process, it’s probably going to be summer time when we’re able to get it back together and get the staff to be able to use the space.”

With the flood, it has prepared them to be more cautious of it happening again.

“We’ve had a company come in and do some remediation that there’s no concern of mold growing so we feel confident that ones the space is returned to normal everybody will be safe.”

For now the schools staff is in stationed in one area.

“We’re just moving right along um we are used to flexibility around here we are used to having things you know come up in the last minute where we have to shift and move and so that’s the life of a teacher just being flexible and and just rolling with it and still making sure that our students are getting what they need,” said Bryan.

The school hopes to have the office completely rebuilt and fixed this summer. Though there is construction, it hasn’t bothered the students, actually it’s only bringing curiosity to the improvements.

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