Area school district moving to four day week


DIAMOND, Mo. — Students in one local school district will have a three-day weekend every week of the upcoming school year.

Imagine never having to go to class on a Monday?

That’s what all students in the Diamond School District will be doing the entire upcoming school year.

Dr. Keith White is the new Superintendent in the district and is planning on students of all ages taking part in distance learning the first day of each week.

Dr. White says students may not physically be in class on Mondays but that doesn’t mean the learning stops.

He says students will spend about two and half hours each monday online with their teachers but will have the rest of the day to come into school and meet with their instructors if they need help in any of their classes.

Dr. Keith White, Diamond R-4 Superintendent, said, “And so all those kids will have those checked out, that’s their device the whole year and they can get on their and their password’s are on there, they know their way around it, they’re not picking up a different device when they go to a different class room, it’s their device the whole year.”

To make sure the distance learning plan goes off without a hitch the district is making sure electronic hubs and hot spots are up and running in and around school buildings and grounds as well as in parts of the city without internet access.

That way, even if the worst case scenario, and in person classes get canceled again, the distance learning network is already in place.

“Learning doesn’t stop if the kids home sick, learning doesn’t stop if they have to be quarantined, learning doesn’t stop if there’s snow or weather, learning doesn’t stop, that’s what we want to make sure of, learning doesn’t stop.”

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