Area Police Chief reflect on technological changes over his career


CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Law enforcement has undergone a tremendous amount of technological change over the years.

That’s according to an area top cop that’s been in the business for decades.

Delmar Haase, Carl Junction Police Chief, said, “It’s a world of change, I don’t know what it will be in the next 35 years but it’s, it stuns me the changes we’ve made.”

And Delmar Haase should know, he was an officer with the Joplin Police Department for 20 years and is celebrating his 15th year as Police Chief in Carl Junction.

He says the biggest changes from when he started in 1985 to today have been technological.

Back then, notes as well as crime reports where hand written, now officers can do them in their cars in a fraction of the time, leaving them with more time to patrol streets and catch suspects.

“We carry body cameras, car cameras, the digital radio systems, I mean it’s just amazing the changes we’ve had.”

And of course, 35 years ago no one had ever heard of a school resource officer.

Now it’s hard to imagine not having them in many school buildings.

While social media has it’s pros and cons, he says it’s been a game changer for law enforcement.

Thanks to the use of surveillance cameras as well as cell phone video, it gets put on the department’s Facebook page, if his officers don’t know who’s committing a crime, there’s a good chance someone else does.

This is video from a recent break-in by two men at a storage shed at Briarbrook Golf Course.

“And people let us know who they are, we solve a lot of crimes that way, located vehicles, located people, able to identify people and get charges filed strictly from what we can post on the local social media.”

By the way, if you know who those men are, please call the Carl Junction Police Department at 417-649-7070, or go to the department’s Facebook page.

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