Area partnership helps students gain field experience


JOPLIN, Mo. — There are some lessons about an occupation you can’t learn from a book, they must be learned out in the field.

That’s the goal behind an arrangement between an area university and ministry.

There’s only so much you can learn about a vocation from a text book and lecture hall.

It’s a whole other education when you go out into the real world.

That’s what a group of MSSU social work majors are learning at Crosslines in Joplin.

Samara Maggard, Internship Participant, said, “You’re able to you know see how what we’re learning in class correlates to the field.”

Maggard and two other social work students will spend the next year at the ministry getting first-hand, real-world experience, like working with clients, making food baskets, and gathering clothing items for those in need.

Through programs like this students get to learn two very important lessons, one, is this really what they want to do for their career and two, what type of social work do they want to go into.

Ashley Bohns, MSSU Senior Social Work Major, said, “A lot of the things we learned in class is kind of like the how tos and here we get to apply that and get to see what it’s really like a social worker or case worker working on the front lives?”

Mary Otey, MSSU Social Work Intern, said, “It gives me an opportunity to decide if I want to do community based social work or if I want to work with children you know we do get to see families that are struggling that have children, um that’s kind of where I’m more geared towards.”

Not only do the students benefit from the arrangement, so does Crosslines, who can always use the extra help especially at a time when the need for their services continues to increase.

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