Area farm provides fresh meat


NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — A Newton County farm is providing fresh meat to the Four State Area.

They do all the preparation for their cows at their farm and have helped many residents in the Neosho and Seneca communities especially when some stores had a meat shortage due to the pandemic.

Rene Sweeten, Neosho Resident, said, “Well I was always searching for something better than the grocery store meat it just never satisfied and my husband is a huge meat eater, we both are, and I was always searching for something better we’d boughten from a few different places and then we found Jennifer and her family and that was it that’s al we bought ever since.”

Lucas and Jennifer Thogmartin are 4th generation cattle farmers. They used to just raise meat for themselves — until the pandemic.

Jennifer Thogmartin Owner of Thogmartin Cattle Company: “We’ve actually started making plans because the market– the cattle market was so volatile and we were looking at different ways to expand and diversify our operation just to help us maybe maximize profit on the cattle that we did have so it happened that covid happened a couple months after we had made plans to do this so it was kinda a blessing for us .”

They sell an array of meats ranging from steak, hamburger meat, and brisket and their cattle get special feed.

“So all of our cattle are finished with a finishing ration that my husband has developed with our animal nutritionist that we use at the local feed store they’re on feed for at least a 100 and 28 days prior to slaughter.”

The Thogmartin’s offer free delivery to their customers within a 75 mile radius of the Neosho – Seneca community.

“So we deliver all of our beef to our customers which gives them the opportunity to meet us and build a relationship with us and really know where their food comes from, and the and the whole process from start to finish we raise the cattle on our farm we’re fourth generation on our farm so it’s something we’ve been doing for a number of years and it’s very important for us to provide a quality product to our customers.”

It’s another option for anyone who wants to buy meat — locally produced for the local community.

Rene Sweeten, said, “I would say to anyone if you want high-quality beef, you want to feed your family well, you want to feel good with what you put into your body then I would definitely give them a call.”

Thogmartin says they only sell their meats during the Fall and Winter because of breeding season. So, right now is the perfect time.

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