Area employer provides second chances


JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s not all that unusual to see area restaurants displaying help wanted signs. But one may have found a solution to the manpower shortage. In fact, in this instance, you could say it’s simple.

Many of the employees of the Simple Simon’s restaurant on St. Louis and Broadway in Joplin have something in common. It’s called a 2nd chance.

Rose Greenfeather, Simple Simon’s Employee, said, “This place has helped me tremendously.”

An example is Rose Greenfeather who’s about to celebrate her 4th anniversary of working at the restaurant and her fifth anniversary of being clean and sober. She can’t say enough about the couple who owns and operates the business for taking a chance on her and others in the same situation.

“It can be hard for people in recovery or people coming out of incarceration to maintain a job just because people are very judgmental and so I think it’s helped us a lot because we do have so many people in recovery here that people feel comfortable and we surround our people with you know we just support them and pray over them and encourage them.”

Jennifer Johnson, Owner, Manager, Simple Simon’s Pizza, said, “When Mike and I bought the restaurant we kind of wanted it to be an outreach and community and community service, geared towards helping people.”

Johnson says the vast majority of the employees they give a 2nd chance to, not only work out, but become some of their best employees.

“Rose is my family, definitely, I actually, every one of my employees I really feel is part of my family, and we have a family atmosphere here so we all try to work for each other and towards helping each other when somebody’s going through something they’re all welcomed to call me.”

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