Area elementary students give reactions to inauguration


JOPLIN, Mo. — Students at a local elementary school got to watch the Presidential Inauguration live Wednesday.

Since the transfer of power for the next U.S. President only happens once every four years, College Heights History Teacher Aaron Dogotch wanted to make sure his fifth grade students wouldn’t miss it.

Aaron Dogotch, College Heights History Teacher, said, “The peaceful transition of power does not happen every place in the world and it’s a special thing, and as we know from just the last year, the last two years, the last three years in the world like the transition of power it just seems to be getting harder and harder for people to do it peacefully and it was neat to look at this and see it happen.”

Brandon Schumacher, College Heights 5th Grader, said, “Because Biden is now in charge of America for the next four years.”

During most inauguration ceremonies, the person being sworn in as President gets far more attention than that of the Vice President, but that wasn’t necessarily the case Wednesday.

Garrison Davis, College Heights 5th Grade, said, “It’s a big deal for the first female Vice President to and the first person of color Vice President, it’s a really nice and big deal.”

Truly Prater, College Heights 5th Grader, said, “It’s definitely inspiring on how it encourages the girls on that they can run and they can be like in like the office and they can have that big of responsibility.”

Sophie Collier, College Heights 5th Grader, said, “It’s really inspiring that she became the first black and woman Vice President and I’m gonna be really excited some day if she gets elected President.”

Students here at College Heights watched the events as it happened, but there were some schools that were reluctant to watch it live.

They were concerned about the possibility of something terrible happening during the event, so they taped it and will show it Thursday.

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