Area dispensary celebrates 4/20 by opening its’ doors to the public


JOPLIN, Mo. — April 20th has become an unofficial holiday in the marijuana industry – and some local medical marijuana patients are celebrating with a new place to shop.

A medical marijuana dispensary is now open on 32nd Street, the second to open in the city of Joplin.

Matt Warne, Shango, said, “In looking at our options, Joplin became option number one and we’re happy to be here.”

Retail chain Shango is now open for business in Joplin. This marks the 10th location for the operation focused on selling legal marijuana. For this dispensary, that means products for certified medical marijuana patients.

“We have a little bit of everything. We have a little bit of flower, we have pre-rolls, we have edibles, we have vapes. So it’s a little bit of everything. Hopefully those supplies, increased by hopefully the end of the summer to where we have multiple options for our patients.”

Options are limited as the number of dispensaries in Missouri outpaces the producers supplying product.

“It’s a balancing act between wanting to be open and wanting to have products available. We definitely want to have options for patients – so you don’t want to just open with a small quantity then have to close when you sell out.”

Shango focused on opening on 4/20 – in honor of the unofficial marijuana holiday. Joplin’s first dispensary to open is also using the date as a way to launch full blown operations.

Pete Devore, Missouri Made Marijuana, said, “We’re very happy to be grand opening today on 4/20.”

Missouri Made Marijuana opened two weeks ago in a soft opening and workers there say it’s time to ramp up business.

“Want to get more customers in, quite a bit of deals going on today.”

There’s still a third medical marijuana dispensary on 7th street that hasn’t yet opened. They had hoped to open by 4/20, but had to push the date back.

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