Area church members seeking help in adopting children from the Philippines


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — An area house of worship needs your help to bring new members into its faith community. But these future parishioners are coming from much farther away than most.

Aaron and Stephanie Jones thought they were finished with the parenting process after raising their own three kids. But Stephanie Jones says god wasn’t ready for them to call it a parenting career just yet. Three and a half years ago they adopted a sibling group of three sisters and two brothers from an orphanage in the Philippines.

Stephanie Jones, Adoptive Mom, said, “When you adopt, you just step out in faith and you just know that if it’s something you’re supposed to do, it’s going to happen and that god’s going to take care of all the details and he has, I mean he’s taken care of all the details thus far and our church family has been amazing, they’ve really stepped up to help us a lot.”

So when members of the Gospel Lighthouse Church learned of the couple’s intentions of adding three more girls from the same orphanage to their family, Lana Henry says picking up the cost of getting them from Manila to Neosho is the least they can do.

Lana Henry, Ministry Leader, Gospel Lighthouse Church, said, “We just wanted to help them with the travel expenses, the airfare and the cost to actually go and bring these children home to Southwest Missouri for their permanent home.”

“I could come up with a hundred reasons to say no, we have eight kids, four boys and four girls, it’s hard, we both work, it’s hard, and then I got to thinking and there’s not a sing reason that’s good enough to tell the oldest girl no, that she doesn’t deserve a family,” said Jones.

The couple plans to go to Manila around the end of February or early March when they think all the red tape is finalized and covid restrictions are lifted. As it turns out, the three sisters know the first group of kids they adopted to make it one big happy family. The total travel cost is expected to be around $7,500.

If you’d like to help, please send checks payable to Gospel Lighthouse Church, P.O. Box 252, Neosho, Missouri, 64850, or call 417-592-2548 for more information.

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