Area business helps those out in the cold


JOPLIN, Mo. — Plenty of individuals and families in the area have had to deal with the lack of heat this week thanks to mother nature, cue the kindness and generosity of a Joplin thrift store.

Alisha Larson, Webb City Resident, said, “Because people that’s in the need that ain’t gonna make it or nothing, it’s good for people to help them.”

The recent stretch of extreme cold weather has made this winter a rather difficult one. Seeing this, JOMO Moving Owner Joshua Maresh wanted to help.

Joshua Maresh, JOMO Moving Owner, said, “Figured there’s a lot of people cold out there, and people may not have what they need to stay warm. So once everything that we had in the store yesterday, put it out there.”

Racks and boxes full of clothes for those in need. And it got a big response, by the time Joshua reopened the store the next day, he saw how much it was used. He wanted to do more.

“This morning majority of it was gone, 90% was gone, so we went back to the wearhouse, started digging through boxes and trashbags of clothes, and anything we could find, found a bunch more items and put them back out there.”

But Joshua welcomes the community to get involved to. Since the rack is left displayed throughout the night, people can contribute to it whenever they would like.

“They can stop by, we’re leaving that rack outside overnight so if they have jackets, or blankets, or anything they want to donate, please come on by and drop them off.”

To help make sure people within the Joplin community can stay warm, without needing to worry about the cost.

“It’s heartwarming, I really had no expectations of that this was going to become such a big deal as it has, but it’s nice, you can’t help but smile when someone stops by.”

No matter how big—or small they are.

“Kids are very important, my kids are very important. It’s nice of them to do that,” said Larson.

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