Area assisted living ensures resident has a birthday to remember


CARTHAGE, Mo. — A resident at Maple Tree Terrace Assisted Living in Carthage didn’t let quarantine stop her from celebrating her birthday Thursday–or even hopping into a hot air balloon.

It was a birthday to remember for Beverly Curry.

Beverly Curry, Resident, said, “Well, I’ve had a party, I’ve had a cookout, and this! This is very exciting!”

A balloon glow right outside her home at Maple Tree Terrace. The idea of bringing a hot air balloon came to staff members as a way to get residents out and enjoy some fresh air–many of them are not able to leave due to the risk of being exposed to covid-19.

Christal Allen, Administrator, Maple Tree Terrace, said, “We overheard some of the lady residents talking over at the table, viewing on the Facebook about all the hot air balloon glows going on and how they would like to go to one. But because of COVID, of course they can’t go any place so we brought it to them.”

Allen reached out to Hangar Kafe, based out of Miller, Missouri and they said yes without hesitation.

Kiman Kingsley, Balloonist, Hangar Kafe, said, “I love to be able to do this for people yes.”

And with her family by her side for her 83rd birthday, curry sure loves this too.

“I’m enjoying that, I think it’s amazing, it is amazing,” said Curry.

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