Are Travel Agents a Thing of the Past?


Many Four State Families will be headed to the beach or a cruise for Spring Break.
And summer vacations aren’t too far off either. 

Is there really any reason not to book a trip yourself?
With an ever growing list of websites that allow you to book a trip yourself, why would you even consider going through a travel agent?

Wendi Douglas had that in mind not long ago and it changed her mind so much, she decided to make a career out of it.
Wendi Douglas, Travel Associate, Travel Inspirations “The last time I looked at vacations on my own I spent at least 60 hours deciding where we’re gonna go, where we’re going to eat, where we’re going to sleep, how we’re going to get there, do we need to rent a car, so when you look at all of those, that time you put into the research, if you just call someone they can put that research together for you and we don’t even charge our clients a fee for that”

Stuart Price, Reporting “Douglas says there’s a better chance your vacation will go off without a hitch if you use a travel agent, and she says in some cases it will be cheaper” 
Wendi Douglas adds,”We’ll make sure you get a great package that you’re looking for, so it’s not just a great deal but it’s what you’re looking for in a trip, additionally there’s an added value with travel agents in working with the buying power, I mean we’re gonna book a hundred, two hundred cruises a year”
If you do end up booking a trip yourself, she says to pay close attention to the cancellation policy if the need arises.

She also says to find out exactly where your room is and it’s size and value as well as whether or not there are any planned excursions.

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