April 1 marks census day


FOUR STATE AREA — Today marks the official census day for 2020 – the date to count how many people are in your city, county, and state.

So far, barely one in three have filled out the form.

Jim Hunt, Joplin Resident, said, “It was simple – you just get on there and it explains everything.”

Jim Hunt of Joplin didn’t waste any time filling out the census.

“They had a number you could get on the internet – get it immediately, got it done. And then worried I did it right.”

Hunt is one of the thousands of Joplin residents already on record.

So far, it’s estimated about 41% are logged.

But that still leaves thousands to go, according to 2020census.gov.

Ashley Micklethwaite, One Joplin, said, “Click on your state and see how the state of Missouri is doing compared to the nation – but also you can drill down and click on just Joplin or any community.”

The final totals will help with elections, and funding for roads, and much, much more.

“Today in Joplin alone, 200 senior citizens and 1800 students will be receiving free meals provided by federal funding that was determined in part by the census 10 years ago.”

Of course, there is the coronavirus pandemic which is making a difference this year.

Online operations continue but there’s a difference in the real world.

“The census has suspended its field operations ’til the end of April.”

You can find out more by visiting the census website at 2020census.gov

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