Apps and the dangers that come with them


You may want to start paying closer attention to the apps that are on your child’s phone. Law enforcement agents say some of them maybe making it easier for predators to find them or be a target for online bullying.

In the age of technology, it is even easier for kids to access information they shouldn’t online. Apps like snapchat, Hot or Not and Kik are hotbeds for kids to be bullied, send and receiving private content and unknowingly chat with predators. Local law enforcement says for parents to be aware of their child’s online interactions.

“It’s just important again to know who you’re communicating with. And be cautious because, just because you think those pictures disappear or they’re hidden, they aren’t,” says Sheriff David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

Child psychologists are starting to see more cases of teens being affected by online bullying and taunting. The apps make it easier for bullying to follow kids home. Before, taunting usually only happened at school, now it’s coming to more personal spaces.

“Now with online, it’s constant. So there’s no break anymore. Like I get picked on at school and then I get picked on in online forums, snapchat, facebook, websites, instagram, like all of that is just everyday life,” says Aubrey Doss, licensed professional therapist.

Law enforcement agents suggest that parents should be closely watching their child’s internet usage to see if they are sending or receiving any questionable content.  

“You just got to be cautious, you got to be aware of what your kids are doing at all times, including and especially online. And take the appropriate measures to make sure that your kids are safe,” says Sheriff David Groves.

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