Anti-bullying Awareness Week


KANSAS — Coronavirus has forced more students out of the classroom and into online education. Now there may be a new struggle those students have to face.

Its Anti-Bullying Awareness Week, and leaders at the Department of Education are trying to help students “choose peace.” But officials say the effects of cyberbullying may become more intense while learning from home, where students feel more alone.

They hope their efforts to provide students with more resources can help.

Myron Melton, Kansas Department of Education, said, “You know it’s difficult for kids to work on social skills or to work on their social and emotional interactions when their isolated. So, we need kids to be able to work on that in more of a face-to-face environment. But, in the meantime, we really want to make sure we’ve given the appropriate resources to schools.”

Education officials are working to complete a nearly two-year long project to identify state bullying trends and prevention.

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