Another animal shelter, like many others, is full and looking for forever homes


PITTSBURG, KS – Puppy and kitten season is in full effect throughout the four states.

In Southeast Kansas, this means full kennels and long awaiting lists.

“Unfortunately for us to be able to intake means we have to have more adoptions or we have to have fosters at this point.” Says Jasmine Kyle, SEK Humane Society Director.

Like many shelters in the area, the “Southeast Kansas Humane Society,” is at full capacity.

In the midst of their busiest time of year, they’re asking the community to help foster shelter animals so more can be brought in off their waiting list.

The shelter is trying to make the process as accessible as possible.

“We have all that information on our website, it is no longer where you have to come out here and fill out a paper form, it’s all online, it takes like two minutes and you hit a submit button and within three seconds it’s transferred to us.” Says Kyle.

It’ll be helping the foster parents every step of the way.

“All of our fosters are supplied with everything they need, food, toys, kitty litter, kitty pans, everything. All they’re providing is the love and care and we will provide everything the rest, kind of like the grandparents watching over the kids for a while.” Says Kyle.

Over the past year, the shelter has also developed the “Foster to Adopt Program.”

“We started with that with COVID and we’re still continuing that… So you can come in, and you can look at our animals that we have available and if it’s a kitten, then you’re fostering to adopt that kitten. At that point in time, the most part why they’re not up for adoption is for three months, at three months we spay and neuter, they’re fully vaccinated, the whole nine yards, after that, then we can get to the adoptive process.” Says Kyle.

And help get those animals in need to their favorite home.

“We really like to work one on one with those individuals, if they can foster one, then that’s at least one that’s being more socialized into a household, and we can work with the rest on getting them into homes.” Says Kyle.

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