Anonymous Women exhibit depicts the merging of women, roles of the home


JOPLIN, Mo. — An artist explains her work about the merging of women and the roles of the home.

Patty Carroll gave an artist talk at The Spiva Center for the Arts on her work Anonymous Women.

The exhibit highlights her young adult life of wanting to move away from home.

After several years in Britain and other places, Carroll was craving home, but didn’t know what that meant.

When moving back to the States, she bought a vintage home and was trying to make it perfect.

With her finally finishing her home, Anonymous Women was born.

She hopes visitors can see themselves in one or more exhibitions of her work.

Patty Carroll, artist/photographer, says, “People can relate to the images. You may notice that there’s no faces in them, so I’m hoping and it has happened where women have said, ‘Oh that one’s me, oh I relate to that one.'”

Anonymous Women will be on display at Spiva Center for the Arts until the beginning of March.

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