JOPLIN, MO – Each year, “The Milken Center” honors some of the best educators in the country.

Over the last 2 weeks, 14 different chosen educators have attended the “Milken Fellow” program at the center, after distinguishing themselves in their respective school districts.

The men and women spend time at the center learning how to inspire students to discover, research, and present stories about unsung hero’s.

Megan Helberg teaches at a small community school in rural Nebraska, and was named “Teacher of the Year” in Nebraska 2020.

“The ones before me are quite prestigious and really rock stars in the field of education so to be amongst them is a great feeling, and to be welcomed by the community of Fort Scott has been amazing, this town has really rolled out the red carpet for us to make our experience even better.” Says Helberg.

Helberg is also part of the only husband and wife team of fellows in the history of the “Milken Center.”

Her mother was also a Milken Fellow back in 2012.