Animal versus vehicle crashes more common in Fall and Winter months


JOPLIN, Mo. — Motorists are being encouraged to exercise extra caution on the roads as we enter the Fall months.

AAA says the majority of deer versus vehicle collisions take place during this time of the year. Some easy tips to avoid crashing into wildlife would be to drive slower during dusk and dawn, drive with your high beams on, and scan the shoulders of the road. And if crashing into the animal is unavoidable, be sure to keep your safety at your highest priority.

Nick Chabarria, Public Affairs Specialist, AAA, said, “What you want to do is apply the brakes firmly but remain in your lane, swerving can cause more damage and can cause a minor crash to turn into a serious crash. You might lose control of the vehicle so, apply the brakes firmly, stay in the lane, avoid swerving and just try to stay under control.”

Chabarria says if you see one deer, there’s usually more nearby–deer typically travel in groups. On average AAA sees a 66% increase in animal collision claims during the Fall and Winter months compared to Spring and Summer months.

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