Anderson upgrading to electronic water meters


ANDERSON, Mo. — The city of Anderson is working on a project that will make the lives of residents and city officials easier.

The city is currently in the process of transitioning to electronic water meters. By doing this the city will save time and money. The city will be able to read 500 meters in the time it used to take them to read 100 of them.

Rusty Wilson – Mayor Of Anderson, said, “It’ll save time on getting the meters read and be able to return to their daily work on sufficency of getting more done for the citizens.”

Before this the city would have to go back and forth looking at past notes in order to read meter numbers and calculate bills. Now they will be able to do everything from their phone.

“The digital readings automatically come in to where they can look at the readings and there wont be any human error if it’s written down wrong, they’ll be able to see exactly what usage there is and also be able to bill according to that usage.”

Not only will this make the process quicker, but now residents like sally beeman won’t have to worry about the possibilty of a false water bill.

Sally Beeman – Anderson Resident, said, “Well it’s like with anything, that sometimes you can, like you said with human error, you can missread a meter and cause a person to have a higher bill or sometimes even you have a leak.”

But what makes beeman more thrilled with the project is that it’s being done by the city and they’re not using tax payers money to pay for it.

“Well that’s even better, and especially if it will help them to do things more efficiantly that that way they can go onto other jobs, spend less time having to read meters and things like that.”

This project is costing the city $55,000 and Mayor Wilson says that they hope to have it finished by the end of the year. Wilson adds that all they want to do is make sure they’re helping their citizens and save them as much as much money as they can.

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