Anderson residents voice concerns on waste management issue affecting water



Anderson residents that live along Pump Station Road gather Tuesday to voice their concerns on a waste management issue that they clam is blackening their water.

Residents say Bub’s Incorporated has been dumping what has been classified by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as “fertilizer” since 2016. That waste is a concoction of what is left from a food production agency in Arkansas. After being pushed out of Arkansas for not complying with their waste regulations, Anderson residents are calling for the company to take their waste somewhere else.

“And what we’ve experienced is dumping, and dumping and continual dumping. And massive quantities, and to the point where the rivers have turned black, the crawfish are dead, people’s drinking water has been compromised to the point where they can not use it.”

Dr. Nan Palmer, Resident

In addition, run off from the waste has been getting into the Elk River which flows into Grand Lake in Oklahoma.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources was also in attendance at the meeting and they add they plan on looking farther into the issue.

Bub’s Incorporated was not in attendance at the meeting.

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