Anderson Police Department seeing reports of counterfeit money being used at businesses


ANDERSON, Mo. — The city of Anderson receives 2 reports of counterfeit money being used to buy goods.

The Police Department says people are using motion picture or game money as actual currency.

Officers say they get between 20 to 25 calls a year about people using fake bills in local stores.

They advise business owners to be aware of the money they take especially if its a larger bill.

And to call your local Police Department if you receive counterfeit money.

Chief Seth Daniels, Anderson Police Department, said, “It angers me that people are going around and basically stealing from businesses but it doesn’t surprise me.”

Daniels says using counterfeit money to buy goods or services is considered a class a misdemeanor but is an arrest-able offense.

If an item is purchased for more than $750, its considered a felony.

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